Patent pond ergo is here- lots of pics and info!!

  1. My patent pond ergo hobo came today- I couldn't believe how quickly it got here! :yahoo:

    Its size is perfect- there is more room on the inside than I thought it would have. The handle drop is comfortable, not quite as long as the other ergo hobo i had, but I tried it on with a big bulky hoodie and it was still very comfortable. i also got the matching mini skinny, which is adorable, and the heritage stripe beauty case in pink. i love the tattersall lining- now I want to get a tote from that collection...not for a little while though, I've bought so much stuff in the past few weeks! It's bad...I think i'm officially an addict now. I would definitely recommend this bag, I have no complaints other than wishing it were a tiny bit larger on the outside. I am a bit on the larger side (5'7, ~160ish), so I like bigger bags, but i feel like this one looks pretty proportional to my body. Oh and the color is gorgeous- a very light, grayish blue, very pretty and spring-like, imho. I'm so glad I got this bag! :love:

    DSCI1208.jpg DSCI1209.jpg DSCI1213.jpg DSCI1214.jpg DSCI1215.jpg
  2. more pics...
    DSCI1216.jpg DSCI1219.jpg DSCI1222.jpg DSCI1225.jpg
  3. Joining the rest of the family...
    DSCI1228.jpg DSCI1232.jpg DSCI1236.jpg DSCI1237.jpg DSCI1227.jpg
  4. very cute.. I love it CONGRATS!!!!
  5. You have a cute family :tup:
  6. I like all your goodies! Congrats!
  7. here are some more pics with all my stuff in it- it holds an agenda, wallet, mini skinny, beauty case and cell phone very comfortably. You can even fit a magazine in it.
    DSCI1242.jpg DSCI1243.jpg DSCI1244.jpg DSCI1245.jpg DSCI1246.jpg
  8. I am sooo confused with this bag! I have the tote on order, and from the wallet that my SA showed me in the store, the color looked more like a medium blue/gray, not pale blue. It seems to look different in every photo! The color appearance I like the best is the one in the last modeling picture you took. Is it really a light blue?
  9. nice so does it seem like it goes on your arm without slipping etc?
  10. To me, it is a light grayish blue, that's the best way i can describe it. the way some people were describing it in other threads, I was expecting it to be more dull and gray, but I am very happy with the color. Someone earlier had described it as "dolphin" and I think that's pretty accurate. It's not really bright or pastel, but I wouldn't call it gray either. hope that helps!
  11. Even with all my stuff in it, it fits very nicely and does not seem to slip at all.
  12. It's such a pretty color...and looks good on you too! Congrats and enjoy her!!
  13. i think the last set of pics I posted, with all my stuff in it, shows the color in the most accurate way.
  14. That is such a beautiful color!!! Congrats!
  15. Thanks so much for trying to help me figure the color out! I know eveyones perception is different, monitors are different, etc etc - I HATE to order sight unseen - I think thats the problem! I also think the color probably changes as the light hits it, which is one of the cool aspects of the patent. I'll post when I receive mine too - hopefully before the end of this week. Dolphin sounds ok to me - I just dont want "sky blue!"