Patent Pleated Ergo Satchel - Remove Ink Mark

Mar 12, 2008
East Coast
:idea:Try Purel, or any other alcohol based hand sanitizer. I read in Martha Stewart Living a while ago about getting ink marks out of leather and she said rubbing alcohol. I've tried both regular rubbing alcohol and Purel and Purel by far works better. I got a mark off of the leather seat in my car that wouldn't come off with anything else that I tried. It's worth a shot. GOOD LUCK!:okay::idea:


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Aug 29, 2010
I got a patent leather Coach Zoe purse with some minor leaky ball point pen marks on it thinking it would be easy to clean but was wrong. I have had success with cleaning paint & scuffs off of patent leather with windex and q-tips but I tried non-acetone polish remover, windex, 91% rubbing alcohol and goo gone, all of which did not hurt the glossy finish but did virtually nothing to the ink stains. If I ever find a solution, I will post. I might try acetone but that will probably melt the finish.