patent pink mabel

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  1. Hellllllo!

    If any one spots a patent the new baby pink mabel with silver hardware below retail please pm me or comment on this thread...My sister wants one and I said I'll help her source one from the outlets....

    Thanks everyone!:tup:
  2. Samina, when I called Shepton on Friday they said they had a pink patent Mabel. Is that the colour you mean? The one I saw was a real lipstick pink.
  3. hi there
    they have one on ebay and they had one at bicester last week for £416 i think?!! its gorgeous!
  4. thanks etalb!! Thats the one but Im not keen on shipping from the us and then 30% import fees n stuff...I will keep a look out at Bicester perfect excuse to go and visit!!

    I thought the one at bicester was the more pink pink then the baby pink one?
  5. Yes the Bicester one is the pink pink one "Lipstick pink" - really very nice - I brought it!!! (See my recent Bicester thread or my photo album.)

    Both of the pinks are lovely, though I've never seen the baby pink one in patent only normal leather.

    By the way if your sister changes her mind there were 2 at Bicester on Friday!
  6. Thanks I'll let her know!! Your pink mabel is FAB btw!