Patent, Patent, Patent!!!!!!

  1. please someone have any info on when the new patent items are coming out and in what colors and styles??? i do not have any catalogs so dont know, if you have any pic please post. thanks so very much:wlae:
  2. Have you checked
  3. yes but i dont see any patent items
  4. There are lots of threads on the new patent items...check around, a few colors are coming out at the end of this month/into next, and some more in March probably.
  5. I know patent ergos both totes and hobos in black, red, white, and pond.
  6. I'm excited about all and anything patent. PS to those who love patent, I ordered the Jilly flats in magenta and there were plenty of them left (there was also plenty of navy and black too), for only $59 in the store.
  7. oooooooh...I love patent!!!:heart:
  8. I think anything patent is gorgeous to have!! Can't wait for more to come out!!:nuts:

  9. Ohhhhhhh.....was this at the outlet or at a retail Coach Store? I am soooo looking for coach flats right now:yes:
  10. in the retail store!