Patent Paddington Tote

  1. I bought the patent paddington tote today. It was in the sale so was half price. I love the combination of the brown patent with the worn look leather. It also sits very comfortably on my shoulder. Love it!
    bags001.jpg bags003.jpg
  2. congrats...but I can barely see the pics...
  3. Congrats, enjoy your beautiful bag!!
  4. Yes we can barely see the pics. It looks good?
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Would love to see clearer pictures drpn21!
  7. OOOh yeah! It looks like the same combination my patent dome satchel is in. I love it so much. You will be so happy with it!
  8. Can't see the photo. Is that the one with two pockets in front and two small padlocks! Congrats, a gorgeous bag.
  9. yes it is the one with 2 pockets and the small lock. sorry about pics! will post better ones tonight.
  10. Fab bag - congrats:tup:! Did you get it from HN ? If so, don't suppose you managed to photograph the purple quilted Bay by any chance :smile:?
  11. hope this pic is better!
  12. Great bag - yes the last pic you posted pulls up better.
  13. Thank you for the better picture. I've seen those materials in combination before but never in this bag design. Lucky you to find such a pretty purse on sale!!!
  14. Congrats :smile: