Patent or Liquid patent

  1. is there a difference? I am looking at the patent ring bag at Saks. I don't want to pay 1,800.00 for it if it wears funny or is uncomfortable to carry. I just got the ring bag at NM for 1,039.00. I will stick with this one depending on the responses I get. Please chime in if you have patent by Choo.
    I am just curious with regard to the LP or plain old patent for future reference. I have a feeling this is my first Choo - but not my last!
  2. I don't have liquid patent. I have a wet look Riki which is a kind of wrinkled patent. It has worn very well so far, but it is not an everyday bag for me.
  3. I used my wrinkle patent Ramona alot and it still looks good as new:tup:
    I'm not as careful with it as I am my Chanel bags and it doesn't show any usage at all.
  4. I have both and they both wear very well:woohoo:

    The black Patent Ramona is my everyday bag for the most part.

    The liquid patent Mahala is my "Special" bag when I want dress up and the Blue Wet look Riki was a Great bag (even though I only carried it 1 weekend) but I think it is still a Fantastic bag (but ask Stinkerbelle to be sure) :tup:

    You can't go wrong with either choice :wlae: