Patent Mini Flap vs Vintage Mini flap?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Need all the kind advises here. I'm now faced with a dilemma. Should I get the new Fall/Winter Patent mini Flap in black? Or should I get a Vintage (series 5) Black Lambskin with ghw instead? The vintage is in almost mint condition with puffy quilts and all.

    I'm looking for something that will be a classic buy rather then trendy or seasonal. I have 3 kiddos and intent to use the mini on a regular basis. I also hope to pass down this down to my gals when the time comes. Another thing is... I live in Asia. So I'm not sure if the high humidity here will cause any challenges on the maintenance of the patent flap.

    If you had a choice, which will you go for? Thanks in advance for all the advises. ;)
  2. Black patent shows fingerprints as soon as you touch it, so my vote goes to the black lambskin w/ghw. I admit having a soft spot as that combo was my first Chanel years and years ago. That's my take but in the end my advice is go with what makes your feet do a happy dance!
  3. I'd go with the Vintage w/ghw. Ultimately, you should go with the one that makes your heart jump.
  4. vintage!!! :wlae: Patent shows fingerprint. Is there a big difference in price? Vintage should be way cheaper.
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    Thanks for the replies. You're all really helping me with my decision.

    Right now, I'm leaning towards the vintage as it costs about SGD $2,200 vs a new mini flap which will be SGD $3,620. That's quite a big diff in price. But now I'm wondering if SGD $2,200 is too over priced for a almost new vintage?
  6. Vintage lambskin over patent anyday! patent is just too sticky looking. finger prints etc. lol
    the quilting on that mini is amazing, so puffy and nice! make sure you get it authenticated :smile:
  7. Thanks. :smile: I've gotten it authenticated at TPF already and it's real.

    I was afraid of the sticky issue with patent too. Especially with the heat & humidity here in the tropics.
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    Thanks for all the advises. I've decided to get the Vintage mini. And with the $$$ "saved" from not getting a brand new flap from the boutique, I'm now aiming for a new wallet and some CJ's. ;)

    Sharing pics of the flap.
  9. gorgeous! did u get it frm eBay? i hope to buy one vintage Chanel
  10. Thanks. :smile:
    I bot it from a second hand shop in SG.
    Was lucky to find a Vintage mini that comes wz the back pocket.
  11. lucky you! its indeed gorgeous
  12. Now I'm lemming for a Chanel mini. Lucky you!
  13. Thanks ladies. I've been using this bag on daily basis and find it really useful. Main advantage is I can put my small wallet in it, unlike the woc, there is less hassle when I want to swop bags during the weekends. :smile:
  14. you like this bag ? I am considering one...but hoping to use it for more evening wear. Do you think it looks dressy ? Or do you think I should get something bigger ? Also, is mini is age restricted to younger girls ? thanks