patent medium classic flap

  1. Hello. I am looking for a patent medium classic flap in black or navy. If any of you has seen this bag in any of the stores (I know it's almost impossible to get these bags, but I would want to try for the last time before I give up.) please let me know!!
    Also, do you know when Chanel is going to make these bags again? (Maybe, for this cruise season?)

    Thank you all! :smile:
  2. Hey!

    I bought one when I was in NY in the Chanel store in Madison avenue. The SA was very helpful, he got it shipped for me from Miami (only 3 were left accross America!).
    I think the SA's name was Jonathan, the others weren't as helpful (in fact I went there once and one of the SAs told me they don't do this bag anymore, and when I went back I asked Jonathan, he called Miami and got it for me).

    Good luck and let me know if you find it, I LOOOOOOVE this bag!

    Here's a pic
    Chanel 1.jpg
  3. may i ask how much the patent classic is now?? it's gorgeous!
  4. The patent classic in both the navy and the black, with silver hardware, is coming back for fall!! :smile: ChanelBOY posted the info in his Coming for Fall post. :smile:
  5. Thank you!
    I bought it in January before price increase:tup:
    It was $1795 + tax. I suppose now it's around 1995$ + tax. Don't really know, I'm from France and don't have any Chanel boutique closeby (which sucks!).
  6. Your bag is gorgeous!