Patent Madison shoulder bag stiff?

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  1. Is your red Madison Shoulderbag really stiff? I this last 2 months I have had a terrible time deciding. I started with Bronze Alexandra, Husband hated. Went to Silver Metallic (thats what i wanted to start with, afraid of fabric,) Sure enough within a month the corners started rubbing off. If I had gotten it at the Outlet, I might not have cared, but I didn't. So I took it back they offered an exchange, The October speak to me Embd Patchwork Mia in the bone, Beautiful, But I forgot that I hated the opening of that bag, so it's going back. I have decided on the Madison Shoulder bag, love the red but it too stiff?
  2. :sad: i think it is because you cannot PM without the necessary amount of post, but, you should make it a question in general about madison patent crimson shoulder bag, most likely she will answer since she has, and anyone else that may have brought can chime in too :biggrin:

  3. Thank you, I'm new making lots of mistakes
  4. I'm wondering the same thing. I'm debating getting the madison shoulder bag also so any comments on it I'd love to hear. My concern was quite opposite though, lol. I wondered if it was too slouchy. but then again im looking at the leather one so yah.
  5. lol no worries we all start somewhere no?

    i meant 'welcome' as in welcome to tpf :P i hope you get your answer, i saw this bag IRL myself and it looks stiff but no so that it can't sink in you know? over time with wear...someone else may have the better answer for you

    its a gorgeous bag though!
  6. I am rarely this confused about a bag. I usually buy one carry for a month or two, ebay it because something new that I can't live without is out. Worked for me, but since that bronze Alexandra, im just crazy. Of course here comes October, new bags. I tried the Shoulder bag on and thought is was too big. but i am carrying my daughters poppy and they are almost the same size. So I am getting the Madison Shoulder bag! Love the Champagne ultra luxe, but I need the do all bag. My husband can buy me a fancy one although he thinks they should have the signature fabric so you now it's coach. HAHa

    I also noticed someone posted the silver metallic Alexandra from the outlet For another 25% off the wouldnt have cared that the corners were wearing off.