Patent Lux Bowler or ...

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  1. Hi everyone, i saw this design under the luxury range. I dont know the name. It looks like a small gst. The 2 chain handles extend downwards and are sewn into the front of the bag. Has anyone seen this? I'm deciding between this and the patent lux bowler. Both are nice!! But i can only get one of them. What do you ladies think?
  2. it is very beautiful!! But I love the gold more~!
  3. [​IMG]

    this is very pretty....what is it called??? how much???
  4. ^^nevermind...just found the answer to my question.....
  5. hi annieg! i saw the bag that u were describing in the post, and i think its GORGEOUS! I reckon that shape is more versatile as it can be used as an evening bag IMO, but the bowler style is a tad too big for evening.
  6. i 2nd bowler. Am looking for one myself too!! :love:
  7. Hi babydollqueen, i agree the bowler is more of a day bag. So i think i'm going for the tote style that i described. Although i was told it will be coming in 2 sizes. I'm waiting for my SA to tell me the sizes so i can decide which to order.
  8. I would get the lux bowler...!! I want one...does anyone know whats the retail of this bag?
  9. Hi annieg! ooh pls post pictures once u get it, ive only seen the tote style in one size at the boutique! are u planning to get the navy color:p ?
  10. Babyballqueen, which size did u see? I'm ordered the small (alth its not that small) in black. Will definitely post the pics once i get it.
  11. hey annieg! i saw the small one, i think that size is just perfect. yes pls do post pictures, ive only seen it in navy, i heard it does come in black, red and gold as well.