Patent Lindsey - Plum or Graphite?

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  1. I bought the Plum today because I thought it was just so pretty, but now I am thinking I should have bought the gray! I don't have any plum clothes & Yes, I like to match. Anyone out there make a choice on these two..which do you ladies like better & why?;)
  2. I think they are both gorgeous colours. If I didn't own a plum/purple purse I would definately pick that one. But if you feel you like to match your clothes then the grey would be more versatile.
  3. I wanted the dark grey (newer that is going to the outlet), but seeing all of the issues with the berry patent, I changed my mind..The grey is pretty and it is more neutral!! Good luck on whatever you decide.

    My new wish is the Silver/Dove Sophia~18609..The Dove color is more Taupe, the Perfect neutral.:smile: Sorry, I thought you wanted a Sophia...In that case, the Graphite...
  4. I like the plum:smile:
  5. What are some of the issues with the berry? I own that bag too and sadly, I don't get much use out of it. I like the lindsey better :smile: Is there a thread with the issues? I'd love to see what happened!
  6. I chose the Pewter because I already had three bags in the purple family. The plum is lovely but I thought the Pewter was more unique with the sheen. That being said, if you love the plum more, then you made the right choice. I know you said you like being matchy but this may be an opportunity to expand your horizons. I think Plum goes with a lot of other colors.
  7. I'd pick the graphite! So gorgeous!
  8. mmmm graphite!!!
  9. Since you're already second guessing the color maybe you should get the graphite instead. I think the graphite is gorgeous and will be a good neutral. Good luck with your decision!
  10. GRAPHITE! I just brought mine home and she is stunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning. (Also I think the graphite will be a little less prone to showing all the little marks and scratches. The plum, being very dark, will show marks much more easily....)
  11. You mean Pewter, right? Graphite is the gathered gray color.
  12. Good catch!!!! My bag is pewter not graphite!!!!