Patent Leather

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  1. I've been dreaming of getting a patent leather bag. What do you like? What don't you like about patent leather? Is it easy care?

    I'm thinking it might be nice to have a special bag when there is rain or heavy snow in the first. Will it hold up?

    Ok, last 2 questions...which bag do you all recommend? Which ones have been spotted at the outlets?

    Thank you all for your help!
  2. I prefer crinkled or patent that's got a bit of texture to it.
    Otherwise, finger prints show.
    Very durable, perfect in wet/snowy weather.
    I have more patents than non-patents!
  3. I like patent for dressy events, I used to have twisted pattern clutch, it was gorgeous.
  4. Patent is great for rain or snow! It is easy care. Just wipe to clean. Smooth patent is harder to take care of. It shows fingerprints. I still love it, and just try to get it in a bag that won't require me putting my hands all over it. I still have to wipe it every so often when I'm carrying it. Once I got a patent leather wallet. That was a huge mistake. You can't have a wallet you can't touch.

    A few months ago there was a gorgeous raspberry patent leather tote at the outlets. I think the Carrie also came in patent. There are a lot things on FOS: a Kristin hobo, Poppy textured Blaire, Park metro tote and several Peyton styles embossed with c's.
  5. great question.
    I see a lot of listings on ebay of light patent leather bags with dark transfer marks. do they get transfer marks easily?

  6. Yes, it depends. I don't have any light color patent but I've seen alot on Ebay with transfer marks.

    I have a black embossed patent tote and I went to a party and put my purse on top of the table. I didn't realize the little heart decorations got stuck to the bottom of the purse until weeks later and now I have a bunch of tiny little white heart marks on the bottom of the purse. So, you can get transfer from something that gets stuck to your purse.
  7. It has never happened to me but I've seen those too. I think it is from placing the bag next to another bag. I don't think it happens much when you are carrying it. You just have to be careful when you store it. I remember seeing the Poppy liquid gloss in the stores with a lot of black marks. It made me afraid to buy it.
  8. As others mentioned, patent is easy to maintain! Just wipe it down with a damp cloth & you're done! I've had a dark plum maggie for around 2 years now, and it has held up great. My only recommendation is to go with a darker color. I have the diagonal pleated juliette in petal (light coral), and my denim rubbed off on the back of the bag.

    Happy hunting!
  9. Awesome! Thank you everyone! I appreciate the help. We'll see if I find something tomorrow. If not, I have something to search and save for.
  10. With the patent, ditto others on the crinkle or textured vs. the smooth. I have the patent pleated Juliette but in black (also recommend darker colors) and it shows fingerprints much easier than the other bags I have in patent texture.

    I have a patent wallet, and while I never had the issue of fingerprints on that, I did get color transfer from it accidentally being stored next to my black leather Carly. It's a cornflower blue color patent embossed wallet, and there are streaks on it. I'll still use it, but I was really bummed.
  11. Patent is easy to maintain and great for terrible weather. I have many patent leather bags. I only had issue with one bag I had a white Brooke that yellowed after having it for a few years. I will never do a light color patent again. I have also heard of color transfer with light color. I had a friend that had her bag out in the sun and had her bag lean on a magazine. Some ink transferred onto her bag.
  12. Oh gosh! So many great things about patent, but some real things to be careful of as well. Thank you all so much. I prefer medium to dark tones, so that is good. I do really like the look of the crinkled patent. I hope I can get a chance to see some in person today.
  13. Thank you for posting this! I actually debated the Peyton Cora domed satchels all last night since I am falling in love with the white and pink patent satchels for Spring but I have never owned a patent bag yet so I was a bit concerned. They also have it in a plain white leather (not patent) but I thought that would make me worry more than the patent leather. Good to know that the patent leather may make me just as unhappy in the long run. Decisions, decisions...:idea:
  14. I have the navy large Sophia in patent and I've never noticed fingerprints? Maybe because of the slouchiness of the bag? I absolutely adore that bag. Probably my all time favorite. I also have an Audrey flagship tote in grey patent and a red patent Poppy Flower Highlight satchel/tote(?). I haven't ever noticed fingerprints, but again, they are all slouchy bags, and I've never had trouble with transfer. I also keep them in their dust bags when I store them. I will say, I spoke so highly of mine, my mom bought a Maggie (I think) at the outlet. You can definitely feel the difference in the quality of material between her bag and mine, so just check them out. Even if you order it, feel it and make sure it feels soft to you, assuming it's supposed to feel soft. Oh and I wear my bags with anything, I don't wait for special occasion. :smile:
  15. I love patent - have a pond ergo hobo, wine patent Ashlyn, and a tote from FOS and have forgotten her name! Anyway, I have 2 kids and love the punch of a gorgeous patent bag without worry of spills. My Ashlynn (and wallet and wristlet) show fingerprints like nobody's bidness, but I just wipe and move on because the color is amazing.