Patent Leather

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  1. The attached is a Prada bag. It is made of patent leather. I have no experience and don't believe I have seen a patent leather bag in person as I assum all glossy-surfaced bags are made of vinyl.

    Could somebody explain the duribility of a patent leather bag? Is there a particular type of leather or reason for adding the layer of gloss, aside from the obvious design reason.

    Is it a bag suitable for daily use. Thanks in advance.
    patent leather.jpg
  2. I think of patent leather like vernis leather: pretty and high-impact, but somewhat impractical because it is very sensitive to scratches and smudges. I think the layer of gloss is mainly for aesthetics, not for protection, lol. So I'm pretty sure patent leather, while you could carry it every day, would be hard to take care of daily, even if you baby your bags.
  3. i've found that with patent leather (at least the darker colors) every little scratch/smudge is magnified.....every little fingerprint looks like a giant spot of dirt on the otherwise flawless surface of your baby's face......
  4. Hmm patent leather. I know when it first came out in the 1818 it was made by covering a cowhide with a linseed-oil based coating; modern day patent leathers are made with plastic coatings though. In terms of durability... be super careful with them. As JC said EVERYTHING is intensified! With time, the shine and gloss of the leather goes away, leaving behind a leather that is softer than most others.

  5. I've got a patent leather wallet that I've had for years--it's a very subtle metallic chocolate brown. And I once had a patent red purse. With the dark patent, yes--the fingerprints are really noticable. Oh and I think it's Chanel that warns that their white patent can turn yellow over the years... But I don't know if that's all white patent or just Chanel's.

    I never noticed any durability problems. I do know that things can transfer on to patent though, especially if it's "sticky." So if you were to have something like a faux pearl or something that was just painted up against the patent, it's likely that the paint will stick to the patent. I think the LV Vernis looks more delicate than other patents I've seen....
  6. haha I was about to post the Wikipedia definition, but I can see that RobbieNEmmie liberally plagarized it already! heh.


    Patent leather is leather that has been given a high gloss finish. The original process was developed by Newark, New Jersey based inventor Seth Boyden in 1818 with commercial manufacture beginning September 20, 1819. His process used a linseed oil-based lacquer coating. Modern patent leather usually has a plastic coating.
    Patent leather is sometimes confused with poromeric imitation leathers such as DuPont's Corfam and Kuraray Co.'s Clarino which are manmade materials with a similar glossy appearance.
    Patent leather and poromerics are cleaned in a similar way. Dirt adhering to the coating can be removed with a damp cloth, using a mild soap if needed. Minor scratches and scuff marks in the coating itself can be removed using one of several special purpose patent leather and poromeric cleaners on the market. Patent leather, with wear and tear will eventually lose its glossy finish, but will still be smoother than most other types of leather, looking almost rubbery.
    Patent leather and poromerics are used in applications where an eye-catching glossy appearance is the main consideration. Examples include fashion items such as wallets and handbags, dance and uniform shoes and professional wrestling boots.
  7. If patent leather is anything lik LV Vernis, you will have to be very careful with it. I had bought a LV Vernis wallet and to my ignorance, I placed a photo inside my bag that my friend gave me (those polaroid snaps shots). It only took few hours for me to realize that the photo transferred over to the beige wallet...I was devastated and couldn't do anything about the one week old wallet.
  8. Was. I fixed it! Wikipedia has saved me so many times in school, I go to them for everything.
  9. hahah, how do you think I knew in the first place?
    I looove wikipedia. I'm an infojunkie.
  10. Same here! I can sit with wikipedia for hours just reading up on typically random subjects. Mostly for elements though, and stuff like Chernobyl, I'm a Chem guy! :lol: