Patent Leather?

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Patent Leather H bags? I've always loved Patent but I also have always thought it's very formal and not something to be used a lot....

    I'd love to have some feedback if anyone has one or has HAD one as to wearability and care....:biggrin:

    Juat wondering....:rolleyes:

  2. :hrmm: i thought patent is not available anymore (at least for the kelly and birkin that is)
  3. You may find some older ones (I think there is a Kelly) on ebay but I much prefer black box leather. :smile:
  4. I know, I saw that....I agree about the black box, Greentea. I do love the vintage pieces though. I'm always torn....I'm almost jelly when it comes to those "you just can't get them anymore" pieces.
  5. sure....shopmom is just 'wondering'.....uh huh!!! I like patent....
  6. ok here is what i know.
    a good friend of mine used to have one patent kelly with gold hardware. she never or barely used it as she said it looks nice when freshly polished but after a few hours it looks just like a glass you have touched with oily fingers *yuck* furthermore she kept the bags for years just because she loved it but she told me after the years even of just sitting in the box it aged not that well (mabe the climate here) it began zu crack on the edges and it completely lost it sheen lokks kinda like a blind mirror. of course she send it to Hermès to take care of it and it came back rteally nicely but afterall she decided to sell it to someone who will use it more often
  7. Thank you, everyone! I think I may have to go with either a box leather or a togo souple and leave the vintage patent for another gal!!!

    Shoes....LOL. Today when I was getting ready to go to work I realized that I really could use a 28cm black know....for those "let's wear something other than jeans" days? :rolleyes:
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  8. Shopmom, you crack me up!!! But I hear you about the Kelly and I want one in black box for the same use. Also, the Paris-Bombay is another one that's cute with jeans or can go very dressy.
  9. Oh I know, believe me! I can picture every day another 'bag' that would lovely in my possession lol!! And yours apparently also!
  10. Love the look of patent but I'd get fingerprints/scratches in no time! :lol: I'd go for box or togo too. :shame:
  11. oh the poor purse. they (SAs) keep telling me that you should keep the bags in their sleepers, not in the box because the latter will dry out the leather. additionally, i guess you're supposed to send your bags in for conditioning on a regular basis (but that's still up for debate on this forum).

    at least she found it a good home. it must have been very lovely.:love:
  12. To me, patent leather, while nice on occasion, is kinda '90's-think "backpack purse", the movie Clueless, and Julia Roberts' boots in Pretty Woman.
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