Patent Leather -- Yes Or No?

  1. Its a very cute style and I am usually not too keen on patent leather.
  2. I am also considering a patent leather handbag. Cute bag!
  3. don't do it. patent leather was too trendy this summer/fall. you'll regret it.

  4. Agreed. Save the patent for some cute spring flats!
  5. Must be all of the patent leather my mother bought for me a child, the Mary Janes, the matching little purses....

    I'm put off by patent leather; don't like the feel or look.
  6. That's a cute bag. One thing to consider w/ patent leather is that it may yellow over time. This might not be a big issue w/ dark colors. But, I have a teal bag w/ patent leather teal trim which I noticed is yellowed a bit :crybaby: . It might not be that noticable to others though, not sure.
  7. I don't like patent leather personally, but what's important is how much you love it. I don't buy bags because they're trendy right now, and I don't not buy them because they're last season, I buy them because they speak to me and I love them. That's all that matters. :smile: They are right though, in that patent won't be as classic as regular leather in the years to come.
  8. I have this bag in ice patent and I love it -- roomy very soft and pliant for patent rather than stiff. Personally, I say if you like it, go for it and don't worry about what's supposedly in or out.
  9. I love patent leather.....go for it!!!!
  10. I say go for it if you like it. Patent leather always has a place.
  11. I was never a fan of patent leather until I saw Jimmy Choo's Riki bag in bordeaux. I just had to have it.

    I think a patent leather bag is a great addition to any handbag collection. I like the one you have posted. If you like black patent leather you should take a look at th black patent Fendi Spy. It's gorgeous!
  12. It depends on style, brand and what is in fashion at that time.
  13. I like the style of the bag very much, but personally I'm not a patent leather fan. Doesn't matter if it's "in" or "out"--I just don't care for it. But if you love this bag, go for it.
  14. I have had a patent leather bag for years and it looks exactly like new. I find patent leather ages very well. I think you should try to determine if you would have still been attracted to the bag if the patent trend hadn't been so forceful recently. If so, go for it.