Patent leather, wide feet, wrinkles

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  1. So I was walking to my mailbox yesterday wearing my Rolandes and when I got back I examined the sole to see the wear and tear. While I was looking at the sole I saw the wrinkles in the patent. Granted, it was already there when I bought it :Push:, but it made me wonder. When I wear my shoes, do I aggravate the wrinkling b/c of my wide feet (it's really the chucky fat on the side of my feet that makes them wide)? If I buy more patent, even though I didn't wrinkle this pair my self, am I doomed to seeing these things?

    I am planning on buying another pair in the next few weeks and I was wondering if the next pair I bought would get wrinkled. If anyone else experiences wrinkle patent any advice would be great. I was thinking that if I went up another half size to 41 (Rolandes are 40.5) it wrinkling would be less likely and I think b/c the Rolandes are slingbacks my feet aren't as enclosed so they are free to reak havok. My future purchase will the Rolandos.
  2. I'm confused. Do you mean wrinkles on the sole? Or wrinkles in the patent? In any case it is normal to have wrinkles on both. :yes: Leather will wrinkle and crease as it moves with the foot, so sizing up will not help avoid wrinkling.
  3. Don't worry, wrinkling is normal with patent.
  4. I also think that the wrinkling is normal...Just enjoy wearing your gorgeous shoes and don't worry too much:yes:

  5. In the patent. Glad to here that it is normal.

    Thanks everyone.