patent leather tote vs signature gallery tote?

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  1. I need opinions on which to get....Does patent leather scratch, scuff easy? (i.e. hard to maintain) or are they about the same? I love the black signature gallery tote as well...Is the patent leather (red) tote still in the outlets or is ebay my best option?
  2. Patent leather is one of the easiest to maintain. It is durable and won't scratch, scuff, or stain. If anything gets on it, just take a cloth and wipe it off. I have a patent bag that I use for my books especially when it rains. I don't have to worry about the water soaking in. Its the greatest thing ever!! Personally, I would prefer the patent over the signature just because I honestly am sick of seeing the signature on every girl and their mother! Its all over the place, even 10 year old girls are carrying it. Go with the patent. A red patent would be Perfect for the spring/summer and into the fall! Red patent would be gorgeous!! I don't know whether they have it at the outlets, the last time I went the had a dark brown and a dark blue that I really liked. No reds. But call them up and take a look. Good luck!
  3. do you know how much the patent was in the outlet? The red is gorgeous, but the price is almost retail on ebay :/
  4. I agree w/xIcyBluex 100%. I have a blue patent gallery tote and I LOVE IT. I always get compliments on it and even when I go into the boutique the SA's talk about how it's the one bag they regret not getting.

    It's durable and if it gets scuffed or dirty, I can wipe it off. I'm not a fan of the signature print either so I'd def go w/the red patent. Can't wait to see pics!
  5. I got mine for $168 this weekend. (baby blue) It was $209 with an additional 20% off. :P
  6. I have the mahogany patent gallery tote from late last year, and its a great bag. Easy wear, easy care, very classy. I highly recommend them. Red would be AMAZING in that bag.
  7. I'm also thinking about the gallery tote. Do you find it boxy under the arm or is it comfortable?
  8. Does your outlet have the ruby?...:crybaby:
  9. If you can't find them at the outlets, Coach just came out with new patent gallery totes this week. They come in tan patent and parchment (very light beige) patent, and are the same design as the ruby and mahogany out around Christmas. I've got the mahogany (we sold out of the ruby before I could get to it, even the mahogany was hard to come by). and I love it.