Patent Leather Shoes w/Lace Wedding Gown?

  1. Would patent leather shoes look fine with my lace wedding gown? I doubt it will make a difference in photos right?

    I hadn't thought anything of it, but one of my bridesmaids said satin shoes would be better. The only problem there is that the shoes I want as my wedding shoes only come in patent leather.
  2. Lets see the shoes you are thinking of and then us ladies can help. Is it the sytle you like or the colour?
  3. Both style and color! Its the Valentino bow pump:


    And this is my dress, all lace:

  4. Oh, if the shoes will be a contrasting colour then I see absolutely no issue with them being patent instead of satin. The idea of having a white satin shoe is so that it disappears and the shoes are more or less invisible if they peek out from under the dress. Fabric blends in more easily with the dress. But your intent is not for the shoes to blend in at all, and I think red satin shoes would be ugly, TBH. If the shoes are to be a contrasting colour, then I think the patent is a GOOD thing because the patent will stand out in a good way. I think the shoes are great as they are!
  5. HauteMama, thank you so much for such a thoughtful response! Okay, I feel much more confident about this choice. I'm so excited!
  6. You clearly want the vivid contrast so go for it, I see no problem mixing the patent with lace of your lovely dress!
  7. I think they will look fabulous. Just an fyi, they are not comfortable though. I can only handle a couple of hours standing in them.