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Patent Leather Shoes: How well do they age?


Jul 19, 2006
I'd love to buy a pair, but I'd be pretty bummed if that smooth, glossy look only lasted a little while. Do they scuff easily? Can they be cleaned easily? Does that lovely shiny look fade away/crack or does it hold up pretty well against the elements?


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
generally, i find that dark patent ages better than regular leather. it's easier to wipe off dirt, they don't really stain, and water marks aren't really an issue. light patent leather is subject to color transfer from darker fabrics like regular light leather is, and i've heard that sometimes white patent leather can yellow a bit with age. i stick with dark colors mostly, particularly if the items are expensive. i'm very pleased with how my patent has aged thus far.


What Bag Next?
Dec 6, 2006
I have had my Jessica Simpson black and red patents for about 2 years and have had no problem with them. The only thing is that when its rainy you do have to give them a good wipe as the water stains :sad:
Probably just me...
Dec 29, 2006
I have a pair of real patent leather doc martins [not synthetic patent] and they look almost new despite getting a lot of wear. Water marks are easy to get off and a little bit of windex shines them well.