Patent Leather Shoes - are you hopping on this bandwagon?

  1. I love this new trend for fall, and have seen a couple different styles that tempt me... what do you think? Do you think the shiny leather is appropriate for a conservative office? Do you think the shoes will look dated next season (admittedly less of a concern for me, since I beat my shoes to death so much on the NYC streets that they rarely last me more than a season or two with frequent wear?)

    Thoughts? :flowers:
  2. I bought ONE pair to wear to death this season...
  3. I love patent leather shoes! Reminds me of when I had my very first pair of mary jane's as a kid. I felt SO elegant! I have one pair of pumps which are fantastic with my lbd.

    As far as officewear goes, as long as the style and color are conservative I think patent leather is very appropriate at work too!
  4. If I find some I like, then definitely! Darn, I shouldn't have tossed those ones I had a couple years back! :yes:
  5. Update: I just ordered these MJs -- I couldn't resist. :wlae: Hopefully, they will get enough wear this season to make them worth it. (There is also a GORGEOUS deep raspberry patent version of the same shoe, but I just couldn't justify it since there is no way I can get away with purple shiny shoes at work!) :crybaby:
    MJ patent shoes.jpg
  6. My experience was the opposite. Like many little girls, I was put into the things constantly as a child, and I hated them! I felt elegant when I was finally able to wheedle them into getting me some "dress up" shoes that were NOT patent leather mary janes!

    And to this day, I am not enchanted by patent leather, and no wish to purchase anything that even resembles it!
  7. i have always loved patent leather! just something about it, especially with a bag.

    but on shoes, done tastefully of course, is gorgeous as well!

    i'm a huge fan, even after this 'trend' dies.

    in the meantime i'm going to stock up b/c when something is a trend you can get it cheaper! and more variety!
  8. love your shoes! they're georgeous:yes:
  9. I have always been a patent leather fan but I think it has to do with the polish. I have never lost that little kid factor - "Ooooohhh look! Shiny!" Even before the trend started, I still had shoes with patent leather "accents" such as a subtle bow or trim.

    For me personally, I never buy things just because they are trendy. If I don't like them, I don't buy them and if I do like them, then they will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. I see trends as a way to draw my attention to styles that appeal to me that I might not have noticed before and once I latch on, I don't discard them when its over. Instead, I incorporate them into the next season. For example, I love wedges now and stocked up on a few pairs starting in the spring of 2005. The ones that screamed "Hey, look at me!" got the most initial wear and are closest to being worn out now while the more subtle ones that are more neutral and amenable to multiple looks I stocked up on and used sparingly because I love the look and the feel and want to be able to use it for years to come, even though they may no longer be shoes around which I create a look but rather shoes that will go with the look that I have created. I think patent leather can work the same way. So anyways, this is how I am approaching the patent leather thing as well. I am keeping my eyes out for the shoes that I could see myself wearing forever will be getting a special place in (one of) my (many) closet(s).
  10. i bought 2 pairs for fall, love, love, love them! and i get a lot of compliments on them. i work in a conservative office and i wear one pair to work - mary jane style, but the peep toe style i save for out of the office.
  11. LOOOOVE patent leather!! I've bought two pairs of pumps this fall. One black squarish/roudish toe with tortoise-shell heel and another red/dark red (like 05 Rouge Theatre) colour pointed toe pumps. GORGEOUS!!!

    I love both of them!! My office is also conservative, but I still get away with the red patent pumps there because the red is less of a cherry red or fire engine red and is more muted. More like the red of a rose. I only wear them with pants so say a black top, grey pants, and then red pumps. Just a tiny splash of colour and I think they really make the outfit.

    ashlend - I LOVE those MJs you just got!!
  12. ashlend, cute shoes!

    I love patent leather. Reminds me of my childhood, those patent leather mary janes. (I even had red ones! :biggrin:)

    Trend or no, I always have some patent in my revolving wardrobe.
  13. Oh yes! I love the patent leather, they look so elegant in the peephoe stacked pump style. I bought several pairs at Nine West recently. I really love them!
  14. I have 2 pairs. A pair of black patent ankle lace up boots from Nine West and a pair of red peep toes from steve madden. I don't think they will be going out of style too. Even if they do. They are still some great shoes to wear.
  15. I love them! I bought a pair of Steve Madden red patent leather flats.