patent leather raw linen classique

  1. I couldn't resist this one! The original owner didn't provide me with any paper tags, so I don't know which year it came out. I know it was one of the first S.E. bags, and it preceded the tweed bags. The patent leather is a pain in the butt, (squeaky, and attracts dust like a vacuum cleaner) but the linen is raw, nubby, and lovely. This is definitely one of my faves.


    I highly recommend the linen bbag to any of you ladies that come across one. They are super!

    (I'm adding these pictures to the balenciaga colors-thread too, for permanent reference)
    IMG_7101water.jpg IMG_7104water.jpg IMG_7106water.jpg IMG_7107water.jpg
  2. honey did you finally get this bag???!!!!:love: tell me you did.....:graucho:
  3. congrats! i have never seen one like this before. in fact, i didn't know they did patent OR linen. i LOVE green. so great to have different styles.
  4. yup! It's currently snuggling in the same dustbag with my flat brass. :graucho:
  5. soooo beautiful, i love the contrast between patent leather and linen. and balenciaga did it years before fendi ever thought to do it! it just shows you how innovative balenciaga is :smile:
  6. OHHH- Congrats! Thanks for sharing! I haven't seen any like this! I love the look! Very very cool!:cool: :heart: :yes:
  7. m, congrats on such a rare find! i love that green. enjoy!
  8. aaaccckkk have been a naughty girl..:lol: :roflmfao: now you have to hook me up w/ one...i love it!!!! LOL:love: :roflmfao: :lol:
  9. um yes, I've been naughty... :graucho:

    thanks for the nice thoughts ladies! I just wanted to acquaint you ladies with the linen bag.
  10. whoa!!!!!!! that's a cool looking bag! CONGRATS!
  11. That's a great bbag! Wow never seen one like that before! Congrats!
  12. beautifullll :P
  13. Congrats, Mlert! I've never seen this bag before! Cool find!
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