Patent leather questions?

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  1. I wanted to know if you all felt that patent leather is more a dress up kind of leather ? I was talking to a friend the other day who felt patent leather doesnot go well with jeans where as siggy is better for a casual wear. What do you think ? Also is it durable ? I dont have much in patent leather and am eyeing the cranberry Mia maggi!
  2. I think the style of the bag governs more than the material.

    I think all the little girlies in the mall running around with their leather Sabrinas and jeans look a little silly. I would like the same if they were siggy Sabrinas. Maybe if it's a "dressed up" jeans look, but flip flops and Sabrina are unacceptable to me.

    I think patent can go either way, depending on the rest of the outfit.
  3. I find that Patent leather is the easiest to care for!I love that coach added the patent handles and trim on the dotted op art sophia's..It gives my bag a more classy look~With patent leather, you just wipe and go, use an unscented baby wipe..
  4. If I pay that much, I wear it with whatever, whenever, and however I want. I will flaunt it whether someone else finds it acceptable or not. Old school fashion rules are gone with feathered hair.
  5. I think patent looks fine with anything! I wear my patent bags with jeans or when I'm dressed up. And it's super easy to take care of, you really don't have to worry about it at all.
  6. I agree that patent looks good with everything! I don't wear my patent bags with certain things. Anything goes for me! :smile:
  7. AMEN!! I feel exactly the same way. I have several patent bags and wear them with jeans, dress slacks, work suit, shorts, whatever. If I like the bag I'm going to wear it!

    What's great about patent is that you don't even need a baby wipe--just use a soft damp cloth and you're good to go!
  8. I wear my bags whenever and however I like, mix and match with diffferent styles and I don't think any particular bag or leather type or style is suitable for one occasion and not for another. And I don't really worry what other people think. I happen to think sabrinas go with everything.
    And patent leather is very easy to care for - as in no care required:biggrin:
  9. Well, I see alot of women offer that tip:smile:Anyhow, I feel just like Peacocky~We spend a small fortune on our bags, and who cares what anyone else deems right or wrong!Just like when someone says,"oh you can't wear a certain color unless it is in season."I will wear what I want when I want:smile:
  10. Thanks all ! I am going ahead with my patent purchase! Patent red for me this fall , I want it bad.
  11. LOVE IT! Stomping my feet and lighting a match!
  12. I completely agree- I wear what I want with any bag I want- including my leather sabrina with my jeans- and I don't think twice about it. I dress comfy when not at work, and sometimes my bag is what makes the comfy clothes seem a little more put together. Well said Peacocky!

    OP- Enjoy your new bag!
  13. Um...99% of my wardrobe consists of a pair of jeans, lol.

    I agree with everyone else. You should be able to wear any bag, regardless of material, with whatever outfit you feel matches your bag. I happen to love patent leather, whereas the next girl may think patent leather is a dressier or flashier leather. It honestly doesn't matter. But yes, I do think patent is a fabulous leather and it makes a statement no matter what you're wearing.
  14. Hi,
    I have a Red Patent Peyton and a Plum Patent Sabrina! I wear both with jeans all the time. I say if you like the bag, get it and use it with whatever you wear - dressy or casual!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Don't follow anybody's rules but your own. :P