Patent Leather Question??????

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  1. Hey Coach lover's....I've been away for a bit...I want to thank you all for being so supportive about my DF....I had a question about my Patent small/med. Poppy Spotlight....This is my 1st Patent bag..Is it normal for it to wrinkle? I know it is an odd question, but I just want to make sure I'am taking care of her,lol.....Thanks in advance....;)
  2. Welcome back.. I hope things are ok with your friend, how is she and her family doing?

    Can you take a picture, I would like to see the wrinkle. I have a PNt Leather Ergo Ergo and it has wrinkles but that is the look of the bag and I have a PNt Leather Ergo Satchel and it has no wrinkles but it does have pleats...


  3. Hey Coachaddict...Thanks for your thoughts...My Df is doing as well as can be expected...Her family and I are here and she knows this...So her type of Cancer is Treatable, Thank God....As for my bag, I will take a pic. in a bit, but the wrinkles are on the top..I think it may be from the way it sits...It's not too bad....Thanks again..;)