Patent leather question....

  1. I don't know how long Chanel has done patent leather, but I was curious how well it is wearing for those of you who own patent bags. Does it start losing its shine and look dull or has it cracked or anything?
  2. no ! it never does, it's actually perfect imho. only that finger prints will be left on the patent shopping tote that i have, but i don't really care for that. i just bought a timeless patent black clutch (my 2nd patent bag) and i love it! i love patent! most of my loubs are patent btw :smile:
  3. I managed to snatch up a Luxe Ligne "small" patent black tote (it's huge) from France. It's got distressed black patent leather, and I've had no problems whatsoever. :yes: Easy to clean too.
  4. both my bowlers are patent leather, and i looove 'em! they're low maintenance and looks sooo luxurious.

    i definitely recommend chanel patent leather bags. yummmmy!:okay:
  5. Like ladylux said just lost of fingerprints. Other than that they keep the nice "glow"
  6. I've been using my bowler since last April and it still looks shiny and wonderful...I use her in the rain too since its such a druable material.
  7. i think the only concern people have is over the light patent colour started yellowing. Thats why i returned my white patent reissue. but black or darker colors will be fine! totally gorgeous too!
  8. The crackled patent doesn't show fingerprints. I have the Luxury tote and as someone who doesn't care for patent, I actually love this bag!
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses but I wanted to hear it will crack, LOL, so I could then make up my ever vascillating mind! All week long I was going back and forth as to whether I wanted the black PATENT clutch or the CAVIAR one. Naturally, this was after I had already purchased the caviar one, saw the patent one on here and then by chance in person. Anyway, I must have stood staring in the mirror for 10 minutes yesterday trying to decide whether to take back the caviar or to just cut off the tag and finalize my decision and I went ahead and cut off the tag! :yahoo: I wore it yesterday afternoon well into the late evening and loved it. I think it holds more than my double flap bag! :woohoo:
  10. ^ really? i haven't received my timeless PATENT (lol, i love patent! esp on this cutie) clutch yet! i heard alot of stories about this clutch is being amazingly roomy... but i use a long wallet, do you think i'm able to fit it in? (lol okay this sounds like quite a silly question...)

    i have this feeling i'm gonna love it alot more than my medium flap caviar...
  11. I can't answer the long wallet question because I haven't owned a long type wallet in ages. However, when I am going "out" (as opposed to going out to do errands), I only carry a Prada credit card case that has 3 or 4 "slots" which holds ID, license, medical card, a few credit cards and cash bills folded in thirds. Chanel makes a similar one. It's not the most practical as far as holding dry cleaner receipts, and lots of cash etc., but for the times I'm not doing errands, it's a great size, looks fabulous, and fits in every bag.
    The clutch held that credit card case, a packet of tissues, a big comb, a small mesh cosmetic case filled with mirror compact, eye drops, nail file, 2 lipsticks, a couple of allergy pills,lip brush, dental floss, lipliner, pen, and cell phone, and I still had room to spare! :tup:
  12. ^ okay, i think i need a credit card purse. i haven't gotten one because i usually use my long wallet as sortof a 'clutch'. i'm using a patent black ysl one and i actually recently bought a patent metallic red chanel. lol i am obsessed with long wallets! i think i should get a credit card holder for my clutch!!! you think?

    the clutch has alot of space indeed, so thankful i got it before the price increase!!!

  13. I am suddenly obsessed with long wallets too! I can't stop buying them. And I can't bring myself to return any, but have to...
  14. I'm awaiting the arrival of a black patent bag that I've purchased.

    Since it rains a lot over here in Europe, I was wondering if you ladies know if it's ok to wear this in the rain?
    Can you easily wipe it off and dry it with a cloth afterwards? Does it need special care?

    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  15. Would think it's the perfect bag for wet weather. Just as you said, wipe it down with a soft dry cloth and it's good to go. Growing up I was told to use petroleum jelly on patent. Don't glop on too much because it's greasy, as you know, but a small amount on a clean soft cloth and apply and then wipe again with a clean area to remove the excess.) The only minus I've seen re patent is cracking/creasing where it bends. In the 90s I bought a great pair of Chanel apri ski (snow) boots. They have chains (so cool) and there is some patent leather on them. But despite conditioning and proper storing, the patent at the bend areas has cracked (much sadness). Don't know if conditioning the inside where you see the non patent leather would help keep the cracking/creasing to a minimum.