Patent Leather Purse

  1. For those of you you got the patent leather purse, how do you like it? Have you used it yet? How are you using (or planning to use) it - hooked around the strap or inside your bag or alone? If you have pictures of it "in use" I'd love to see! Thanks!
  2. God I'm looking for a patent leather bag. I really want the Coach Gallery Tote in Mahogany. I'd love it in Red too!!!
  3. are you referring to a bag or a wristlet?
  4. maybe she's referring to the patent leather coin purse?
  5. If you mean the coin purse, I ordered one and got it the other's darling, but it's SO tiny...I think coins are probably the only thing it can hold! I'm debating returning it, I'd hoped it would be more along the lines of the legacy striped coin purse wristlet, which is big enough to hold credit cards, etc.
  6. thank you and yes, I am sorry for being vague - I was referring to the coin purse. I am trying to figure out if I can really make good use of it. There are other things I want from Coach so if I am not going to use it I will exchange it for one of the many other things on my wish list :smile:
  7. LOL... I thought you were just talking about a Patent bag. The coin purse is so cute. I like to carry my coins in cute little coin bags and that one is perfect.
  8. I have the coin purse too and I just think that it is too small. I have one of the lurex ones from the outlet mall and it holds so much. I thought this one would be comparable but it isn't at all and $78 is a little much to not be able to put cards in it.

    It is very cute but mine will have to go back to the store.
  9. It is adorable, but if it is not useful then $78 is just too much. If anyone else has any thoughts, please let me know - this is very helpful! Thank you!
  10. My order went in for it on Monday..hope to get it tomorrow. I plan to just use it for coins.
  11. I am using mine for coins only. Or as a bag charm. I have the green, Mom has the red and mahogany.
  12. how lovely :yes: lucky you and mom!