Patent Leather Problems/Cracking etc?

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  1. After many posts about which ergo hobo I should get, I've decided on a large black patent leather ergo hobo. I read on one post where someone had a problem with their patent leather cracking on the edges. Has anyone else had this kind of problem with their coach patent leather purses? I hope I'm not being annoying with all my questions but I am new to coach and am so nervous that I will get a purse, fall in love with it and then have a problem, so I figured I would be pushy and ask you guys a million questions ahead of time!!! Thanks
  2. I've been abusing my patent francine since I got it about a month ago and it's breaking in nicely, no signs of cracking ect.
  3. ^^^nawth21, do you use a mosturizer or any type of protectant on your patent?
  4. Nope, I did pick up a cleaner thats good for patent leather (Lexol pH) but havent used it yet. I suspect those who have trouble with patent is because of the environment they live in. like hot arid climates. I hear it can be hard on patent, vinyl, ect.
  5. o ok, that makes sense... yeah I'm trying to figure out what type of mosturizer to use on my patent bag (if I need to?) because COACH has a mosturizer for leather, but don't know if I can use it on my patent bag?
  6. patent leather has a plastic coating on it. plastic doesn't need to be moisturized. just cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary.
  7. I used my mahogany patent gallery tote all winter and it wore just fine. I did swipe a little of the Coach moisturizer over it before I used it even though it said none was needed. I find that I put a little that (or the Apple conditioner now) on every bag I have before I wear it I feel its just a little extra protectiveness, KWIM?
  8. I own several Coach patent bags and they are holding up beautifully. You definitely don't need to moisturize patent.
  9. thanks oops and donnalynn... just sounds like from both of your responses that no mosturizer is really ever needed... thanks for the 411! this is the first time i have owned patent, so i wasn't sure how to treat it! :smile:
  10. Hi everyone. I'm encouraged by these responses so far. I'm just so worried (paranoid) that someone's was cracking and someone else said in a post that all patent leather has a tendency to crack. I know I'm worrying before the fact but like I said I don't want to "fall in love" and then be devasted with a flaw in the bag. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. The "Coach Bug" has bitten me hard!!
  11. I have had no problems with my patent bags and my black patent leather ergo has been used the most.

    I have seen some bags with patent trim on ebay that had some damage. The Sig Strip totes that have the patent trim... I noticed it mainly in the white patent on the multistripe bag. Those are really thin handles though so maybe that's why.