Patent Leather Muse - Opinions, please!

  1. Hello....
    I am considering the Muse in the chocolate patent leather ...

    opinions??? would everyone probably just get the regular chocolate leather??

    also, which size???

    I have the off white oversized on the way to me from Saks.... what size should I get the chocolate in ???

    I was at Neiman Marcus last night...they were trying to talk me out of the oversized Muse.....oh, well...they did not have one in the store ...they compared the size to a Chloe bag they had on display...(very nice Chloe bag...more of a deconstructed look...Boho look)

    I welcome all feedback ...thanks!!
  2. Hi handbagrehab!

    I absolutley love your name!!! Its so cute:queen:. Anyway, I absolutely love the look of the patent Muse! You should get it for sure!!
    Personally, I like the medium bag, as I think the more constructed bags like the Muse look better a little smaller, while the more deconstructed bags look better large. This of course is my humble opinion. Best of luck, I hope to see a picture of your new pet soon!
  3. thank you for your opinion....I am rolling on the floor laughing after reading your name...that's great...(thanks for the compliment on my name, too! - tried to think of something clever)...
  4. I just got the white large patent leather recently, it's so nice. I think you should get either the large or medium since you already have the oversize. Other than chocolate, i saw one very much like dark green ( i think they called it khaki for some reason) or the oak-they are both very nice as well. Hope this helps. Enjoy your bags! :smile:
  5. I absolutely adore patent Muse. As for a size I recommend the large one. I have a large Muse and it's big enough to put everything in it and it's not too big.
  6. First of all congrats on your new bag.
    I would love to see yout white patent, it must looks gorgeous! :smile:
  7. Do you all think you could carry the white patent during the summer??
  8. I would carry the white in the summer!!
  9. Go for it. I LUV my oversize patent muse bag, it's so trendy, I carry it to everywhere and always get compliments on it. White is nice for summer...eye catching bag.
  10. I would love to have a patent muse bag! Did you get it?
  11. I did....I got the chocolate brown patent muse in the medium...they had it at the NYC Flagship YSL more to be found....and they said they are not going to reorder...
  12. :nuts: Congratulations!!! If you can, please post pics!

    I bet you can't wait to get it!
  13. Congrats. Please post pics of your Muses. =)
  14. She might be here today!!! If so, I will post pictures....
  15. UPS tracking says she has been re-routed due to inclement weather.....yikes....I hope she is o.k. -- due to arrive 2/13...