Patent Leather JAcket

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  1. Ok ladies I am a bit out to date with fashion these days... just deliver my ds and have no fashion sense of whats hot and whats not....yeah how could i be a member of this forum and not have any fashion sense... been on the pregnancy and parenting forum forever.
    ok my question is, I am seeing patent leather is in for handbags and shoes, how about a jacket.
    I have a gorgeous patent leather cropped jacket I got from banana republic years ago and i am wondering can i wear it now....every few years i break it out, but i wanted to be in style when i wear it..
    I was thinking about wearing it over top a nice black flowing shirt and some black shiny leggings with some high heeled black killer chanel boots and wearing my red chanel flap with bijoux chain, out to dinner.
    is it to much black, or can i get away with it...
    please help- i am so clueless right now to fashion and i never thought i would say that....if you see my closet you wouldnt believe i am asking this
  2. aww, you sound too sweet! First off, congratulations on your little one and WOW on the weight loss :tup:

    Unfortunately I don't think I can help you with the patent leather jacket. I'm not a much of a trendsetter and I don't even have an excuse, because I don't even have a baby ;)

    Could you take a picture of the jacket?
  3. I wouldnt wear patent with "shiney" leggings, thats too much shine and bling for my taste. If its cropped then I would wear a white V neck sheer basic top that was 1/2 to 1 size too big [just not fitted] with a basic dark black pair of leggings [no shine, no pleather, no bling etc] and a pair of either ankle boots [peep toe ankle boots are fine]or knee high boots and then wear some silver or gold bangles [F21 has a lot of them for cheap] do gold or silver jewlery depending on the hardware of the chanel bag. If you dont want to do bangles, incorporate a really stand out necklace with the basic white v neck shirt.

    Basically, black dark basic leggings [make sure you stand outside or in front of light to make sure they arent see through. Basic V neck sheer white shirt, bold jewlery in different colors, and a pair of black boots would look good with a cropped patent leather jacket IMO.
  4. ^ necklaces like these would work
  5. awe thanks !!!! the weight loss was all fluid, as soon as the doctor broke my water-there went the 30 lbs..serioulsy they had to change the linen on the bed like 7 times before i 'was wheeled off for a c-section..
    the sad thing is I "used to be fly"- I always knew what was hot and in, but now a mother well and old mother of 2, i am so out to
  6. thanks thanks thanks, this sounds great... I thought the shiny leggings was to much bling...I got a great feel for the look you are talking about.....when I make it out I am going to take a picture and post it...
    thanks for the advice

  7. its basically the typical LA girl look :smile: simple, yet chic..its all about basics [sheer t's, leggings] paired with bold pieces like a patent jacket or colorful HUGE necklaces,bangles etc paired with some fierce boots!! looking fwd to the pic!