Patent leather in the summer?

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  1. Hi everyone. My question is this: Do you carry your patent leather bags in the summer? I use my leather bags year round but before I invest in a patent leather coach I would like opinions on summertime/hot outside usage. Thanks!
  2. I think patent leather is great for the summer! I prefer it in bright summery colors or white though.:yes: I have a yellow patent satchel that I will be carrying with my everywhere!
  3. Thats really a very good question! I have two patent bags that I plan to use this summer - a pond ergo tote for every day, and a plum patent tote for my vacation in Disney in August. I love the easy maintenance aspect of patent, but I wonder if they get "hot" - especially the plum one, its more of thick, shiney patent - the pond is a lighter weight crinklier patent.
  4. OOps double post - sorry!
  5. That was my concern. Is is hot/sticky?
  6. I would carry it year round. I used to associate it only with spring and summer when I was a kid because my mom always made me wear patent shoes for Easter and beyond till fall. I think anything goes nowadays, though!

    I suspect if you use a shoulder bag, your arm will sweat on it for sure. The only thing I've noticed so far with my Michael Kors bag (only patent I own) is that my wallet and wristlet stick together in the bag, so it's sometimes difficult to pull them out and jam them back in if you have a lot of stuff too. My wallet and wristlet are large.
  7. I just bought a Marc Jacobs patent leather bag that just came out for spring/summer-so I would say yes!! :smile:
  8. I think patent is good year round now. I doubt that I'll pull out my BIG black patent tote during the spring summer though as I go towards more of my whites and bright colors now. But if I had an occasion that I needed it, I wouldn't hesitate to bring it out.
    Patent = ALL YEAR :tup:
  9. I think patent in white or bright colors would be great for summer. Black patent could even work with the right outfit.
  10. No, it doesn't get hot and sticky. Coach patent leather is smooshy and soft just like regular leather, just shiny.
  11. ITA!!!!

    Any light color would be great!
  12. When I was a little girl we got new patent leather shoes and purses every Easter that were meant to get you through Spring and Summer. Nowadays, patent is a year round fabrication. I love my patent Ergo hobos and I found them to be very comfortable to carry last Summer. White patent is a great way to have a no fuss white bag because it just wipes clean. I love the brights and pastels that are being offered now, too!
  13. I used to think that patent was for the winter holidays - like black Mary Jane shoes that I wore as a little girl. Since I bought my pond patent hobo, I see it as a year round thing. I'd probably use brown or black in the winter only, but the lighter and brighter colors are more year round.