Patent Leather Heel Got Stuck in a Crack...can it be fixed

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  1. [​IMG]Hey ladies!
    I was wearing my black patent simples to a rooftop party here in L.A. and my heel got stuck in a crack. After I managed to pull my shoe out of that :censor: crack I noticed to my horror that the leather on my heel was damaged. If I take my baby to a cobbler what do you think they can do for me?

  2. Beautyinlaw,

    I had the same thing happen to me in my Jimmy Choos and I brought it to Pasquale's. They said when it comes to patent there is only so much they can do. They "pulled it down" and this is the best they (or anybody else I'm assuming) can do:

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  3. Dang. So sorry that happened. It's a heartbreaker, isn't it? Since the heels are black there is also a chance thy could replace the patent. I was not able to do that with my Nude Clichys since they could not match the color. Damn cracks in the cement!
  4. Did they do anything to your nude Clichy's?

    OP, I'm sorry this happened to you!
  5. No, there really nothing they could do. :sad:
    The damage wasn't terrible, but it upset me enough I finally let them go.
  6. I have had more than one pair of black CL heels shouldn't be an issue for a good cobbler. I go to Leather Spa here in NYC.
  7. I guess I'll try bringing them to Pasquale. This is only my second time wearing them, so it's pretty upsetting that they're damaged. I consoled myself by thinking that it's so close to the tip that no one will notice it (you know, besides the OCD person inside of me).
  8. I saw pictures on the website for the cobbler Louboutin uses in Paris, and they completely fix nicked or torn leather. It looks like it never happened. It takes a while, I'm sure, but would totally be worth it if you love your shoes, which I'm sure you do. Look on the CL website where they list the cobblers.
  9. I don't think they'll ever be able to mend the defect perfectly.

    Your best bet is to have the entire heel replaced and re-leathered :yes: