Patent Leather Handles Question

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  1. I purchased the red/green heart boston with brown patent handles during the 09 summer sale. I have yet to carry it but I wanted to get feedback on those of you who have been carrying your Joy Bostons with patent handles. How have the handles held up? Any problems with peeling or cracking? I would like to pull mine out this summer but need to know if I have to be careful with lotions, hand sanitizer and all that stuff. Thanks in advance for feedback/suggestions.
  2. I have the tattoo heart boston with red patent leather, so far it is holding up very well and in my country we have summer all year long , so far so good.
  3. I have no problems whatsoever in 18 months with my Boston's patent handles.
  4. I've had no problems with the patent leather handles of my tattoo bags (tote and Bostons).
  5. mine still looks brand new, of course i dont use it much, but in general, patet holds up very well
  6. I have this bag as well, and I haven't had any issues.

    I also have the tattoo brown tote and it's fine too.
  7. I have not had any problems with mine, and I purchased it last year in June 2009.
  8. OK Thanks Ladies! I guess I will pull her out for the summer or maybe wait for fall.
  9. :biggrin:I have had mine since December 2009 and it has held up
  10. Such restraint! I'd be using that baby now!!!:P
  11. ^PS. I own this same boston, the matching wristlet and other bostons and joy totes with patent leather handles and all are holding up quite well!