patent leather gallery tote

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  1. Hi:

    I have had my eye on Coach's patent leather gallery tote for a long time and it's also my first Coach purchase!!! I've seen the white and the brown but can't decide on what color...I do have a lot of black in my wardrobe and I'm just not sure which one to pick...pls give me some much appreciated feedback!

    10380_SVMH_d2.jpg 10380_SVWW_d2.jpg
  2. you will LOVE the brown! it's absolutely the most gorgeous out of the two there, with blue following behind mahogony.

    and i LOVE white. i got the ali in white.

    but that white MAY discolor to yellow, and when i pre-ordered the wristlet a while back, there was some wierd creases with color on it..i know that it wouldn't be smooth...but the color threw me off..and i didn't like it.

    plus the mahogony has a little pink in the outside...more of a rich rose color, to match the inside lining!
  3. The will sell out the quickest and is soooo nice in person! Online photos don't do it justice!
  4. Yep the brown then the blue....
  5. I just got the pat. leather mahogony mini skinny and the color is gorgeous IRL. I would go with the mahogony purse for sure!!! It is beautiful!!!
  6. of the 2 colors, brown! but I also love the blue!
  7. mahogony! i always steer clear of white bags!
  8. I actually only like this style in the brown (but I'm a weirdo who doesn't love patent leather in general). However, I think the mahogony is stunning!
  9. The brown/mahogony is gorgeous, def. get that one if you get it. You will love the color.
  10. definately the mahogony! That is one hot bag.
  11. I agree with the other go for the brown. Brown is the new black.
  12. I LOVE THE white one, but GETS DIRTY VERY FAST. =[

  13. :wlae: i hear that all the time, which is great since my new winter coat is a dark shade of chocolate brown!
  14. ms-whitney - congrats on your white ali bag... i had my eye on that one or the patent leather legacy tote, but I live in Vancouver where I haven't seen the legacy collection in stores you know if white patent leather tends to yellow or just white leather in general?
  15. mahogany! I have my eye on it for an "everyday" diaper bag!