patent leather flats

  1. can anyone find me a pair of patent leather flats for $75 or less? dire need.
  2. I found these at a Marshalls....Both were under $40.00
    Purse forum 037.jpg Purse forum 038.jpg
  3. thanks!
  4. Def check out DSW- I got a pair of Jessica Simpson flats for $8 and another pair for $6 and a pair of Tahari heels for $12.
  5. :wtf:
    Great deal! :tup:
  6. does dsw have a website?
  7. They, do, but there's no online shopping just yet. You can use it to look up their locations though! Love that store.
  8. If you have a Zara nearby they always have patent flats in different colors, now even on sale.
  9. Nine West had patent flats in green, black and a deep plum color for $19.99
  10. coach has these super comfortable patent leather flats in magenta, black and navy for $59 in store only
  11. If you are in the Boston area Thom Brown has some great deals!
  12. These Jeffrey Campbells are cute