Patent Leather flap Vs Lamb Skin?

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  1. Which one is more durabable over time and easier to wear?

    Debating between 2.55 PL or Lambskin

    I would probably carry in the evenings...:confused1:
  2. For evenings I prefer PL medium flap, but the lambskin is more timeless/classic IMO.
    I think Chanel does beautiful patent!
  3. Id say lambskin, the feel of it is just sooo nice and looks more elegant.
  4. I think the patent leather is more durable over time. You sometimes have to baby the lambskin. The patent is great from morning to night. But if you are going to wear the purse only during the night time. Then get the lambskin because it's a classic. Both of them are beautiful bags and you can't go wrong with either bag.
  5. I am not a huge fan of patent, so I'd go for lambskin. I have heard stories of how patent flaps stick together and leaves a sticky feel if not taken care of properly. Lambskin is also sensitive but I think at least its more presentable and for money's worth, I'd pick lambskin over patent.
  6. Patent will definitely last you longer (assuming it's a dark colored patent). Lambskin is much more tedious to take care of, but between the two I would pick lambskin.
  7. i would go for the lambskin, although it does require more care than patent. just love the texture and touch of it!
  8. Lambskin most definitely and it can be redyed if need be and just professionally refurbished, and it will look like you just bought it. I don't think there is much in the way of refurbishing for a patent purse. Lambskin never goes out of favor.
  9. I vote for beautiful lambskin!
  10. I never liked patent leather, because it looks "plasticky" or sometimes fake-like. Thus, my answer would have been lambskin even though lambskin is high maintenance. After I purchased both (a black lambskin and a bordeaux patent), I can't give up either. I must say Chanel does the best job with patent leather, especially the color. In terms of durability, wearability, and maintenance, I would say the difference, if any, would not be enough to justify preference of one over the other. Both are good for evening.

    Conclusion? Get both, but in different colors.
  11. I really love the look of Patent but I feel it is some what trendy. It comes and goes in fashion. For the long haul I would choose Lambskin. It's so soft and more classic IMO. If your not rough on your bags you'll be fine!
  12. Okay,

    I coudnt decide so I splurged and got a jumbo flap lambskin AND a patent messinger bag!!! Should have both by weekend, will post pics!
    Thanks for all the input!!!:yahoo:
  13. go for the lambskin!
  14. congrats on ur decision! can't wait for pics :smile:
  15. Good decision LOL!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!