Patent Leather Classic Flap

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has the medium classic flap available in black patent leather for $2150. The hardware on these pieces is the silver classic chain.
    A01112 Black Patent.JPG
  2. I just purchased this black crackled patent flap from my NM and it is TDF gorgeous!!!!! :heart: :drool: I'm sure these beauties will only increase in price with subsequent releases (for example, if it released again next fall, etc. who knows what the price will be - probably more than $2395), so let Lucas know that you want this, and you won't regret it haha! :p
  3. omg.... GORGEOUS
  4. It truly is a gorgeous piece.
  5. Is this bag crackled patent or smooth patent? I have a crackled patent jumbo but would prefer a medium...
  6. It is crackled.
  7. Chanelboy is there a crackled patent jumbo coming in soon?If so in what colours?TIA!
  8. I love the bag! I am holding out for the jumbo....on the waitlist for the black!
  9. I am on the waiting list for the jumbo and was advised it would be available in September
  10. WoW!!!
  11. i saw this at nm bh today. it's truly gorgeous.
  12. Thank you Lucy and msKitty!:heart:
  13. Yes, we will receive it in black and navy blue.
  14. Thanks so much Lucas!:smile:
  15. No problem!