Patent leather Chanels--trend or staple?

  1. I have the navy patent jumbo and I love it. Actually, patent works really well for me. But, although there have been several incarnations of patent over the last year, is it a staple?? I love the patents in the eye candy post, but don't want to invest unless it is a long-time bag. I think this is the only way I could carry a light colored bag:
  2. Good patent leather has been around for a LONG time. I think the cheesy fake junk has ruined the "look" or "idea" of patent for many people as they associate it w/cheesy/cheap shoes, boots, bags, etc.

    I love patent. There is somethng about it that screams lux but does it silently. It is it's on accent piece. I considered it a staple/timeless look. :yes:
  3. i have the same navy patent jumbo like you and i consider her a must-have staple hands down. i am a sucker for patent (practically all my shoes are in patent)!! lol but sadly i don't like the ones from S/S (the ones shown in the link - i liked them at first but after i saw the 2 funny semi-hole stitching at the straps.. now i don't know). they're too loud and there's something about them that make me frown :s
  4. :lol: my thoughts exactly. But until recently I was out shopping and saw a woman carrying the patent luxury ligne bowler, and I just did a DOUBLE take:drool:, it looked so amazing!!! but I will not ever do a very large patent bag...too much:push:, a small to medium size bag it does look gorgeous and in flaps...woooohooo that's is just TDF:yahoo:
  5. I love patent so to me it's a MUST HAVE.
  6. As a lil girl in the 60's, I remember my mother and grandmother carrying patent leather purses to church (true southern women) and to this day, there's something timeless about patent leather...genuine patent leather not vinyl made to look patent. I have 8-9 patent leather Chanel purses and know I'll carry them for the next 10-20 years before passing them on to my niece.

    But I also think the style of bag is what makes it timeless. All my patent Chanels are flaps, reiusses or totes. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on trendy, regardless of material.

    Good luck with your choice!
  7. i think patent bags will be around forever! ~ i have a black & i'm considering a red & every time i see the pics of the navy............:love:
  8. i have the patent diamond shine and i think it's a true staple. i can wear it with jeans or pants for everyday but it's blingy and cool enough to be worn at night or to a wedding or party. i know i'll have it and wear it forever.
  9. True staple. I love wearing mine with denim! Chanel's patent is really nice because it's "crinkled" patent and isn't the type of patent that really noticeably holds finger prints. :yes:

    Plus, it's really durable and wipes clean so easily. The only thing you'd have to worry about is if your climate is really humid where you live, because I just read in another thread recently that the glue in the patent leather rots and makes the patent leather "sticky" when you live in a humid climate.
  10. I tend to think it depends on the patent bag. Flaps and the like? Classic and around forever. The Cabas? Trendy IMHO.
  11. Trend.
  12. leem hi !:smile: I agree with most ladies that it s the style that makes the patent look classy and Chanel didnt go wrong when using it on classic bags...
    About the one in your link hmm it looks too loud to me to be honest!:yes:
  13. Ah I agree. Well, the huge cabas was actually vinyl. :yes: I do agree that that was a rather trendy bag.

    Patent classic flaps are classic IMO. :yes:
  14. Patent has been around forever! My grandmother and mother had gorgeous patent bags and, as a small child, I had these wonderful patent mary janes as well as a patent bag to match :girlsigh:!

    Patent done well is incredible and one thing chanel does extremely well is their patent leather bags.

    Timeless, timeless staple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I agree!:yes: