Patent leather chain

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  1. Hi. Attached photo of my patent leather chain. The stitching parts have some cracked. I don't know normal a not.

  2. I hadn't really looked at my chain to compare... I'll look and see in a bit
  3. I just checked a patent bag that I'm using now, and I didn't see any cuts on the chain (leather). Is this a new bag?
  4. Yours have too? Any photo?
  5. It's a new bag. Only a small part of the chain has it. The rest of them are ok.
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    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
    If you read back many years, you will find many people having this issue, especially with the Mobile Art patent bags. So this is not a new problem with Chanel patent leather bag chain straps. I'll go and check my new orange patent.

    So it took me a bit to go through boxes (I have to find a better way until I move of telling what's in which box) and since my microscope is gone and I've not yet bought that nifty device at the apple store, I did get this one photo from the middle of the chain (I'll have to go through it more in the daylight): Post 19 for photos

    Attached Files:

  7. It isn't the entire chain has the problem. Only a small part of it has this problem.

  8. I just looked, the one I have does not have those...
  9. Thanks for your effort of taking photos. But they are a bit blur and I can't really see clearly. I attached the photo and circle that part which seen a bit cracked as mine.

  10. Yes, sorry, it's dark here and I didn't want to wake the house getting everything down and to a very bright spot, so I will look at the whole chain tomorrow. If it's got that loose "glued" spot (which mine has--and it's not glued down, it's loose on both sides), then chances are it likely will have the splits as well. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see. I just finished reading the saga of the blush patent with NM (all 12
  11. Do you know the title of that thread? Is it something I should read if considering a patent bag?
  12. Look at some of the links that I put up in my post; those will be a good read to let you know what happened with the Mobile Art patent bags. If you then do a search for cut patent or such, you'll bring up the other one. It was about someone who took their blush patent to be fixed at NM and when they got it back, it was more messed up. The ones you'll need are in my post up a few where all the links are (with my two photos of my place where the two ends should be glued (but aren't).
  13. I had a small heart attack when I saw this thread and ran over to my bag to check it. I inspected the entire length of my chain strap (both sides), and I am happy to report that mine is PERFECT. In fact, I was kind of impressed with how well mine was sewn together.

    I own several other minis which are lamb and caviar and the straps on all of those are just folded over and possibly glued together. So, I am impressed that the straps on my patent mini are sewn together so perfectly, given the inferior construction I have come to expect of the new minis in general.

    As I understand it, this year's patent is softer than previous years. I think that is good thing because it makes the leather more pliable. Hard stiff patent would be more susceptible to cracking in my opinion.
  14. What size is your bag? No, this is not normal.
  15. You are correct if indeed this year's patent is softer and constructed properly. I'm glad your mini was fine. :smile: