Patent Leather Bowler

  1. Did I read somewhere on this board that they will be making the bowler in black and white patent leather?
  2. yes! :drool:
  3. Is it for this season? I asked my SA in Saks and she said no.
  4. NM is getting them. Saks is not, I don't think. They are getting the flap and a small tote only. I think they are being released very soon, not sure of the exact date, and I'd call Chanel boutique or NM to check availability.....good luck!
  5. Thanks Mick!
  6. no prob, i only know bc i asked myself, don't have anything patent, and don't yet have a bowler....i think i need one:graucho: ....but i'm trying to resist....:sweatdrop:
  7. NM told me they would be getting them in April.
  8. That's strange....I'm number 2 on the waitlist at Saks for the black!
  9. saw the navy patent bowler at NM trunk show about 7 weeks ago..................gorgeous
    gold h/w i think....i may be wrong
    i think it was crinkled patent?