Patent leather Betty

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  1. Help me please. I am trying to decide between a black leather or black patent leather Betty. Pardon me for asking, but is the patent leather real leather?
  2. I don't own either, but I know patent leather is real leather. I don't think its looks as rich or sophisticated as plain leather. Sometime patent leather could look like plastic depending on how its done!
  3. I vote black leather. Patent leather goes in and out of style but you could never go wrong with a plain leather bag.
  4. I agree, go for leather rather than patent as it's too fashionable and you might fall out of love with it
  5. Well when it comes to the Betty I like the patent. Betty is a little edgy and the patent only adds to that.

    My chain handle is patent and it sings with it's rock and roll look, so if that's what you're after????
  6. I have both the black leather Betty (large) and a Black patent tote, and both are beautiful. I do get more compliments on the patent though.
  7. I totally agree :yes: My favourite style of the betty is the mini betty in patent leather!
  8. beautiful mini betty patent on sale at aloharag!!:biggrin: