Patent Leather Bags - Am I in the Minority??

  1. I don't know what it is, but I really dislike patent leather bags. And it doesn't even have to be a true patent leather, but anytime I see a shiny bag, I immediately loose interest - no matter who the designer is. If I can see my reflection in the bag, forget it - it's not for me!! They seem to be extremely popular, however. They're in all the magazines saying they're the "IT" bags of the season. But for me, I'd rather have a nice, soft matted leather bag than anything that's shiny and/or got a glossy finish to it. And it's not an issue of taking care of it (honestly, I bet it's easier to care for patent leather or shiny leather than a matte finish bag) - something about patent leather cheapens the look for me.

    Am I alone in this? Is there anyone out there who also dislikes patent leather bags? Anyone else thinks it makes a bag look "cheap"??
  2. I'm not really a huge fan either. I can't ever see myself buying one.
  3. I use to think that way, but not anymore! I love my M by MJ patent leather tote. It's not the stiff patent leather. It's soft and squishy and it is great for traveling (which I do lots) and shopping (which I do lots). It doesn't really look like PVC, at least I don't think so! LOL!:smile:
  4. I dislikes patent leather bags.
  5. I adore patent, I have ever since I can recall, because its classic.

    I will always take a 2d look at a patent bag in the same way, I'll always take a 2d look at a man with a matter how homely. :p
  6. at first I disliked patent too, but now I've gotten used to it and Im considering buying my second patentleather bag. But I don't like bags that are just plain patent. A patent leather bag can look great when trimmed with leather :smile:
  7. I don't care for them either, I think maybe they remind me too much of those horrid little ensembles that were inflicted on all little girls in the 1950s, scratchy crinolines that made the skirts of our scratchy organdy dresses stick straight out like tutus, awful little socks topped with black patent leather maryjane shoes - and of course a tiny shiny matching patent leather bag!

    I know it's not an aversion to shininess, because I like metallic bags - including the very shiny ones. In fact my metallic bag is as shiny as they come!
  8. i love patent leather bags...i don't know i think theres something about it, like it makes the bag more edgy lol tho i don't like the flat patent if you know what i mean! i like it if the patent has a bit of textured to it..iv got a gorgeus black one from cynthia bowley..i think thats the brand and its lovely!
  9. I am attracted to their lovely shininess but they don't fit my casual lifestyle.
  10. i guess i'm a true Scorpio in that i like patent, but dislike everything on the shiny spectrum between patent and matte- it's all the extremes for me! ;)

    i also prefer patent when it's unstructured looking - Like the Marni balloon bag!

    but i know what you mean about shinyness - i had to return some HH bags because they slightly shiny. I prefer a matte look, even though it's so much more stain/scratch prone.
  11. I HATE shiny leather! I was so sad that Tano has pretty much gone completely over to their ugly crunch leather. It just looks cheap and tacky. =P I'll never understand!
  12. i think the trick si it has got 2 b real! my sis, normally a coach girl all the way, recently had a lapse in judgement and bough t a cheap, $20 pleather patent bag at the spuermarket of all places (joe brand) we called it the "i am a plastic bag" needless to say she returned it
  13. Why not be open to owning a patent bag or two in a large handbag wardrobe? Variety is a good thing.

    Modern patent leather can be soft and lush, and it's often textured to avoid fingerprints. It's not your grandma's patent! ;)
  14. i don't have a lot of experience with patent, but i think i agree here! i bought a pair of M by MJ patent flats in a rich burgundy color last year, and the patent finish is SO glossy and thick. i get compliments on them constantly. the faux patent stuff always looks gross to me.
  15. I don't like patent leather either. Not too long ago I was actually looking for a black patent leather croc-embossed bag because I thought it would look very rich and classic. I stumbled along the Furla Yolande and I just couldn't get over how cheap the shiny patent made the bag look. Luckily, Furla made the same bag in matte leather so I went with that instead.