Patent leather and cold weather?

  1. Does the patent leather crack under cold weather conditions? Sorry- I thought I didn't like patent leather until checking out all the Navy patent's out there and I have fallen in :heart:

    Has anybody experienced this before- cracking of the leather b/c of the cold weather? Sorry if it's a really stupid question but I needed to ask :flowers:
  2. Not entirely sure... but all leather suffers in extreme conditions (hot or cold).
  3. I was photographing my large black patent Luxury tote and it's supporting documentation today and came across this card in the bag. I didn't even know it was there upon purchase! Ironically, I don't find Chanel's textured patent leather to be difficult to maintain at all, or all that delicate as the card indicates.

    What would be considered an "aggressive material"? LOL!!

  4. While it's probably a poor choice of words, I know with lighter bags, really dark wash jeans can rub and leave color on them. Maybe they mean something like that?? Also with lambskin, maybe avoid materials that are more rought in texture? If that's not what it means, I haven't a clue!
  5. ^^ I think they're saying to not let the bag come in contact with sand paper or to not to set it on a rock, or put it on a table with cleaning solvent. What else could they mean?

    To answer your question about patent... I have a Prada patent bag that got very stiff in freezing weather, but it never cracked.
  6. I hope not!! i love navy patent bowler :smile:
  7. Thank you! I didn't think that this was a real biggie with patent- maybe more of a problem with VINYL? In HEAT and COLD?
  8. scary thought.....I hope my chanels can weather anything. It gets realllly hot down here.
  9. not cracking but color transfer...
  10. Ha ha ha, this is classic! Watch out for those aggressive materials... :roflmfao: