Patent Jumbo or Patent Medium/Large? Please help!!

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  1. Hi everyone!:tup: This is my first posting and I would love to hear what you guys think about my "situation"! I recently bought 2 bags (my first 2!!:heart:):

    the Black Patent Jumbo Classic Flap (w/ Silver hardware)
    the Black Patent Medium/Large Classic Flap (Also with Silver hardware).

    I am debating on whether if I should keep both since I got both of these before the price increase (tomorrow).

    My question is: Should I keep the Medium/Large? I know I want to keep the jumbo for sure (I will get more use out of it- running errands, shopping, dates with my boyfriend, etc), but I also want to keep the Medium/Large for night time outings.

    The only reason why I would keep the Medium/Large size is because I feel it's better fitting for the night time. Would you guys keep both even though it's in the same leather and color but in different sizes?

    (I wouldn't get any of the caviars or lambskins jumbos or medium/larges, as I was very lucky to have a couple of hand me downs!)

    Do you guys think the patent classics will be out of style in the next few years? Please help! I have included a picture with them next to each other! Thank you guys sooo much in advance:tup:
  2. I would say keep the medium will use alot more than Large size..
  3. i agree with what you say, KEEP THE JUMBO, and maybe exchange the medium for a clutch. the medium is really not small enough to be evening and too small for praticality. As for whether it will go out of style, MOST chanel bags almost never go out of style, but to be honest, the patent craze might. since you already have some caviars and lambskins (SO lucky of you to get some hand me downs =] !!!!!) just stick to those because we all know that will definitely never go out of style even when patent has become a thing of the past and a "fall" thing. if you love the patent, get a patent timeless clutch, it will satisfy your patent loving and get you an evening type bag. OR maybe even a E/W flap, its cute, the chain is adjustable and its great for evening (even daytime if you decide not to carry much that day) OK my post is getting way too long! GOOD LUCK!
  4. jumbo!
  5. Wow thanks so much for the quick replies!! Well I don't think I'll exchange either bag for another because of the price increase. I think the Medium/Large size is perfect for special occassions such as weddings and.. family dinner banquets?.. Haha, I think I'm just finding excuses to keep both!:push:

    Yes! I agree that patent may not be forever classic, but the sales associate said patent will be in for a loooong time, and it always comes back.
  6. Ohhh, what gorgeous flaps!! :love: As for whether or not patent is trendy or if it will stand the test of time, I definitely view it as a classic. Chanel has been doing patent for many, many years, and whether or not it is "hot" this season, or whatever, is irrelevant... it still remains a classic now and forever IMHO. :tup: I have the medium black patent flap, and love it for the fact that I can easily dress it up, but also wear it with jeans and a cute top to make it more casual. I have the navy patent Jumbo and not the black, because the navy just works better for me in the Jumbo size... I use my Jumbo's more casually, and I can wear the navy patent easily with jeans, etc... I think the black patent Jumbo would look fab used more casually with the right outfit, but I didn't get it in the Jumbo because I have other Chanel's that fit that bill, plus I'd use the navy more in a casual way than the black. :p Keep both if you love both... they do serve different purposes IMO, although if I were you, I woudn't rule out the navy patent Jumbo as a possibility instead of the black! :heart: Good luck deciding! :tup:
  7. Keep both of them!
  8. Keep the patent jumbo and buy a patent clutch.
  9. lol this is an easy decision! keep the jumbo =) i have one and i lovvvve her!
  10. Thanks for all your help everyone!! I really appreciate all the replies. I decided to keep both:shame: I just had to!!:p
  11. Good for you!:tup:
  12. keep the jumbo and get something else in the M/L maybe?!

    i sooooo want that M/L patent though..

    Out of curiosity, mind to tell me where did u get it from?!
  13. I go with the jumbo... i saw this girl in my class carrying a medium i think its kinda small and doesn't look attractive as the jumbo plus the jumbo has has more room and you know how large bag is the now bag. so i go with the jumbo
  14. If I have to keep one would be the JUMBO:tup:
  15. I ordered a jumbo and am waiting for it to come in. Keep the jumbo.