patent in winter?????

Jun 15, 2007
Hello......hope I am posting this in the right place.....forgive my ignorance, but I have a new beautiful jumbo patent classic....still in the Chanel box. Would everyone still consider carrying this throughout the fall season and into winter? Are the coats in patent, the boots in patent all meant for Fall & Winter? Rules have changed, but is this one that also has changed along with "winter white"? Thanks.


C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
i would carry my patent chanels through any season, imo i think it's even more TDF during winter! it's like wearing a pair of red shoes in fall with your black coat, that's what i love doing ;) i don't like to follow trends, it passes too quickly and i can hardly catch up. something timeless would be fabuleux. a classic jumbo for example, is timeless. so whether or not it is in patent, doesn't really matter! :graucho:


Jun 1, 2007
^I agree. I'd wear it any time of the year. I know that doesn't really apply to me since we don't really get snow type winter here in Hawaii. Even if I did move to the mainland US where there's snow, I know I'd still use my patent black jumbo whenever I feel like wearing it. I don't really abide by those seasonal fashion rules at all. I wear what I like. :yes:


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
I believe that patent was made especially for the winter. it would look rather odd wearing patent in the summer (although you can still pass it)

Patent is absolutely perfect for the winter, especially the darker colors.


Sep 30, 2006
Austin, TX
If it's a jumbo then it's fine, but I think patent gets really cold to the touch so I wouldn't want to carry a patent clutch.


Jan 15, 2007
I wonder about the patent subjected to very cold temps -- would it cause cracking? I say this because I have a pair of vintage Chanel apres ski/snow boots with chains and there is a tad of patent on them. The patent cracked at the bend area. I'm blaming the cold but perhaps the snow (wetness) added to the cold equals the failure. I'd like to know what caused the patent to split before ruining a bag due to ignorance. If the cold is the culprit, it would explain why patent traditionally was worn in the spring/summer months only. Just a thought to add to the mix . . .


Aug 9, 2006
Patent leather is for all seasons. I bought a no brand bowler kind of quilted bag from a small store early this year, and have been using it very very frequently. That bag is the cheapest one I have ever had. But guess what, throughout the year, the bag is still like brand new. And guess the price...$35!. For expensive bag like Chanel, defintely is for all season, should last longer than my $35 one!

BTW, I also have a patent classic flag by Chanel, but in M/L with silver HW. I plan to use it a lot since I just got it recently. I think jumbo is also timeless one. Don't be hesitated to use it during winter. :smile:
Jun 15, 2007
hello again.....I am sending a reply to all your fabulous responses regarding my "black" patent jumbo.......I am going to take it out of the box, remove the tissue paper and the felt flap guard, stand and admire it, and then transfer my "stuff" into it!!!!!:yes: Thanks again.