Patent in Spring or Summer?

  1. Hello from LA!
    I've been wanting and longing for an OS patent leather muse for like forever. Anyway, I woke up today and found something under the tree...a big YSL bag with a bow. Could it be? My husband is out to work and this is the perfect time to do some investigative work. I peeked into the bag and I couldn't believe what I found....IT IS A THE BAG OF MY DREAMS - AN OS PATENT LEATHER MUSE :yahoo:! I carefully placed the bag back so my husband won't notice anything. Anyway, my question is...can I wear my patent muse during the spring and summer or patent is just for fall? Thanks for your inputs and happy holidays!!!!:wlae::wlae:
  2. Hiya! I'm in SoCal and I carried my OS patent leather Muse this summer. Patent to me is an all-year round style.

    Congrats on your perfect Xmas gift, too!
  3. i think patent muse is a classic - versatile enough to be worn anytime. i like that it instantly updates a look and the muse patent leather isnt too glossy. your are one lucky girl to have such a sweet dh - enjoy your bag for years and years to come !
  4. Thanks guys (regina07 and gingerale)...!!! I will surely enjoy my that I know I can wear it year round. Happy holidays
  5. of course u can wear ur patent muse during s/s...ysl is continuing to make more patent bags 08 s/s...congrats for u muse!!!