Patent GST or Bonbon

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  1. Thinking of buying a patent GST is black or bordeaux. Someone suggested the Bonbon. Any opinions one way or another? Also what color looks nicer in the patent?
  2. I say BonBon in Bordeaux......that's a lot of b's!!!!!!
  3. Bordeaux, nice fall look
  4. GST bordeaux for me:smile:
  5. I've seen both bags IRL and boy, are they gorgeous. They look especially gorgeous in bordeaux. The bonbon is a beauty but just a little too large for me. So my vote would be for the gst.
  6. Hi
    Both are cool one is a little more laid back one is more structured ?
    So I was prob no help. Try on both you'll have an idea what will work for you :smile:
  7. The GST for sure, it has more staying power and is more classic.
  8. Do you have a photo of the Bon Bon?
  9. i vote for the bon bon
  10. GST in bordeaux! :balloon: There are a few pics up on tpf, and I think they always look so classy and gorgeous!
  11. bordeaux ! something different
  12. ITA :yes:
  13. Definitely the patent GST for me, if the choice is between this or the Bon bon. Bordeaux's a great color 'cos I'm partial to red, but Black is fine too. :amuse:
  14. Here is a link from a members pics. of her bags.. include a patent GSt and Bon Bon tote

    My concern with the Bon Bon tote was that it may ripe easily, I purchased the black patent, love the Bordeaux color, but I know I would not use it as much as the black. My GST in the older caviar began to lose it's shape, but I believe the patent to be a little more stiffer and keep it's shape longer, just wish the straps would be longer... but I love patent...waiting for the Bon Bon wristlet to come out
  15. thank you for the link.

    I saw the patent Bon Bon at Chanel and the display one sure had alot of scratches and indentations on it.
    It made me wonder why they would have that out - as it did not make for a good sale.