Patent grey Mabel


Jan 10, 2008
I saw a woman at work with the patent grey mabel and it was lovely! :drool: I was just wondering when was it released and is it likely to be found in the outlet stores or the summer sale?!

Does anyone own this bag or any of the patent mabels? Are they easy/hard to get in and out of? Does the belt annoy you and do you do it up or leave it undone? Are they heavy?

TIA :smile:


Apr 27, 2008
I have the purple patent mabel although I haven't used it because I'm at uni and they had to ship to my billing address.

The purple patent was A/W 07 and it was very hard for me to get hold of one. Eventually got hold of one from bond street but of all of the four outlets only one had ever had one and as they are no longer in production I was told by Shepton Mallet that they wouldn't get any more.

I think that the patent grey was also in the A/W 07 collection although I did see it in Harvey Nichols in Manchester just after Easter (it was there last one though). I've been in a few Mulberry shops since then and never seen one, I think the only patents for this season are the fuschia and the black.