Patent Gigi's!!!!

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  1. Hey everyone!! I am new to the Coach forum (usually in the L.A.M.B forum) but not new to Coach bags. Of all the Coach bags I do have I REALLY want a GIGI...lucky for me I see there plenty of other Gigi lovers here. Anyways I want the Turquoise Patent Gigi but am not sure where to find one or if anyone has seen them at outlets?? I called my local outlet and they only had the Teal....anyone know how I might go about getting one and where?? I would also be open to the other patent colors in the GIGI...i believe there was one other color that came in patent??
  2. It also came in Putty (brown). You could try ebay.
  3. Hi and welcome!! I got mine at the Hershey PA outlet a few weeks ago (the turquoise color). I can't believe how much I love that bag!! Initially I thought I would not like a patent Gigi, but I'm so happy I bought it!! I have the teal leather too, but they both serve their own purposes. Good luck, and I would call the outlets and have them do a nationwide search. There are a few outlets that will do things like charge founds or charge holds, so you might get lucky!!