patent garnet question?

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  1. haven't seen it- but WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps you should post it on the authenticate post??? I hope it is genuine...because that is one gorgeous purse!
  2. I recall a regular leather purple garnet but not patent.
  3. The creed doesn't look right... there's only four numbers for the style number

  4. i remember a regular purple leather as well. its a gorgeous color....just odd looking creed now that i look closer. i will post it in authentication thread~ thanks!
  5. I saw this auction as well and got very excited until I saw the creed. The creed is definitely fake. Definitely get this bag authenticated first because I'm 99.9% sure it's a fake.

  6. okay thanks! yeah i was exited as well.
  7. They did not have a purple patent, but purple in regular leather. I have a Garnet in Anthracite patent (which is like a graphite color)
  8. I've been following this bag since it was posted... first on eBay... then under the authentication thread... and now here.

    It passed inspection in the authentication thread, but it HAS to be fake!!! The serial number on the creed is the one that belongs to the signature print Garnets, not the leather ones. And, I also recall a purple version of the Garnet - but it was not patent. I too have the smaller patent anthracite one and, trust me, if there was a purple one just like it, she would have been mine by now!

    What's really scary is that the bag looks IDENTICAL to a real Garnet!
  9. i agree it looks identical.... i had the gold patent and anthracite before. i also had the purple leather bag. i wrote the seller asking if they had a receipt or to tell me the creed number as it is hard to read...i know my gold patent was. but i still dont know what to think real or fake. it must be fake,or a coach screw up lol. i am NOT buying it but thought it was weird to see this.
  10. I don't know what to think, lol. Could it possibly be an upcoming bag for winter? I personally would rather be safe than sorry. It's a beautiful bag, but I'll have to see it on a Coach website first before buying it.
  11. If that's a fake, I am terrified. I could not tell it was fake, even looking at the creed, knowing it's not supposed to look like that, I can't believe this is a fake :sad:
  12. I have 5 garnets....Plus, if you look at any of the garnets listed on ebay - all my garnets, the creeds are made from the same leather as the bag (not like the madison line where the creed matches the hardware). Man, these fakes are getting REALLY GOOD (scary)
  13. yes i just noticed that!!! its crazy. i was looking at the gold patent on ebay. i used to have garnets but got rid of em. this is awful how well fakes have gotten.
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    Could this be a something like a prototype bag? I have seen bags that look completely authentic in every detail, but for the numbers at the end of the creed. Do you guys remember a thread awhile back about an Oil Slick Sabrina on eBay? It had a creed with an odd number, too, but I am pretty sure it was authentic. I have also heard of "special bags" that go to higher ups at Coach.