Patent Gallery Tote has no creed??

  1. I just picked up a patent gallery tote at a department store for just over $200 (including tax!!). It has no creed! What is up with that?
  2. Wow, I never heard of that except for the smaller pieces but I don't have anything from that line so I don't know. Did you check in the inside of the inside zipper ?
  3. I just got one on Saturday and it has the creed on the inside zippered compartment. It's not as prominent as on my other bags. It's not raised alot. I had to take it out of the dustbag and look under the light, but it's there.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I have never seen a bag without a creed, even fake ones!
  5. I just got my mahogany patent gallery tote from the Coach store today and it has the creed right on top of the inside zip pocket like they always are - very easy to see as the lining is light brown sig and the creed is dark brown like the bag.
  6. I have the ruby tote and it has the creed.
  7. That's really strange.. could coach has a bad QC not to check if the bag has creed? I would bring it back and ask for a new one with a creed on it :tup:
  8. Doh!!! There it is. How goofy I am! Thanks girls.
  9. I have the black patent gallery tote and it has a creed, good thing you found it! Its a beautiful tote to have, i absolutely love mines:heart:
  10. I was kinda surprised with the patent gallery tote's signature lining. Is that new, or have I just been out of it for a while?

    Whenever I think of signature lining I usually assume it's a fake.
  11. I thought the same thing! I got nervous when I first saw it...
  12. Me too! I don't really care for the lining, but the bag is TDF!! I saw it 25% off at Dillard's but passed it up. Glad I did bc I found it somewhere else for just over $200!! I really love the functionality of this one and the Legacy tote...oh yeah, and my Hampton's satchel...There are many other gorgeous bags, but none as functional as these.