Patent french tote

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  1. I was just looking on the LB website and saw the new RM French patent tote in purple. I kinda think I like it-does anyone have any thoughts and has anyone seen one IRL yet?
  2. I think i am going to call Bloomies and see if I can order one! thank you for the great pics!
  3. Is the tote really huge? Is it more of just a work bag?
  4. Missy- I tried the tote on for the first time yesterday and found that it would be a great work bag for me but for everyday use it seemed to big for *me*. Everyone is different though and I strongly urge you to try one on if you have the opportunity.. It looked smaller in the pictures o I was a bit surprised.. I am interested in the Purple Patent Cheri satchel!!
  5. I think I like the patent on rendez-vous more, but it still looks hot!! yummy purple goodness...

    missyb, there's a bag called cheri that is like a smaller version of the french tote - really cute too!

    edit - I just saw littlerocks message and cheri is available in purple patent too!! excitement :biggrin:
  6. I just love the purple patent but that is what I was afraid that it was huge because I saw pictures on the RM website and the leather one looked like luggage! I may go to Short Hills this weekend and see them IRL.
  7. I have this tote and it's big, but because it's a slim tote, it doesn't feel too big at all! The handles fit on my shoulder and stay pretty well (and I have issues with this on most bags) - I love mine (I have the 3-color combo) and have been carrying it since I got it last week and I get compliments wherever I go!!
  8. missyb, LoL@ "luggage." Yea, that was my first impression of this bag, that it does look like luggage but RM's Road Collection had this in mind. It's supposed to look like luggage but without bulk. When you try the styles on this weekend, take note of the thin profile of the FT and you'll see how comfy and practical for everyday use it is. Like the others have said, the Cheri is a smaller version of the FT and this size may not be as overwhelming in square footage.